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About Us

Our Story

Huntman is established by the founder of Probase Capital and Probase Holdings Limited with a diverse array of businesses from private equity, property development, education to information technology across Asia including emerging markets.

While serving regional clients with increasing needs in business and total HR solutions, Probase aspired to form Huntman with an aim to serve both existing and new clients, focusing on end-to-end HR services including recruitment and outsourcing.

What brings our team, Huntman, together is the shared passion to offer customized HR solutions. Our consultants deeply understand HR goals, issues and pain points as we were once on the client side and have also worked as recruiters and service providers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide flexible and tailored HR solutions, ensuring that our clients move their business goals forward. Our professional expertise and consultative approach, coupled with our experience serving top tier multinationals and local conglomerates, sets us apart in the HR outsourcing marketplace.

Our dedication to excellence, deep industry knowledge and personalized approach allow us to walk hand-in-hand with our clients and provide practical advice, delivering a unique experience tailored to their needs across the region with quick turnaround time.